Isaac Barron

Councilman, City of North Las Vegas

Issac Barron was elected to represent City Council Ward 1 in June 2013; he was re-elected for a second term in April 2017. he holds the distinction of being the first Hispanic member of the North Las Vegas City Council and Southern Nevada’s first Hispanic Mayor Pro Tempore.

Barron is a native of North Las Vegas and an award-winning Clark County school teacher. He comes from a humble immigrant background. His father was a kitchen worker and his mother was a maid.

He has long been a community activist and advocates for North Las Vegas youth, mentoring students after school and leading volunteer efforts for community improvement projects.

Barron holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a master’s degree in educational¬†leadership from Nova University.

He is married to Lucy and has four children and five grandchildren.

Boards and Commissions:

Former Mayor Pro Tempore

Ex-Officio Member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board of Directors

Ex-Officio Member of the Deferred Compensation Plan Committee

Vice-Chair of the North Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency

Member of the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition

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