Dr. Andrew Priest

Campus President & Provost, Touro University Nevada

Dr. Priest has been Campus President and Provost of Touro University Nevada since 2022.

The Silver State has been home to Dr. Priest for more than a decade, and his family roots in Nevada date back about one hundred years. His dad, James, grew up in the small town of Searchlight during the Great Depression, where he attended a one-room school with the older brothers of the late former U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

In his office, Dr. Priest proudly displays his dad’s 1943 diploma from Las Vegas High School. It’s a reminder of his familial origins and why he says he is “back where I belong.” “If my dad had not joined the Army during World War II, there’s a good chance he would have stayed here,” Dr. Priest added. “I have roots here, and my dad was always proud of where he came from.”

Dr. Priest followed in his father’s footsteps in serving our country. He was a physical therapist in the U.S. Army. That began his career as a practicing physical therapist and educational leader.

Wherever he has gone, helping people has always been the priority. “I want to help take care of people so they can live their best lives,” he said. “One of the reasons I love Touro so much is because we are creating means for our students and faculty to do more outreach. We’re helping people, no matter their circumstances, to live their best lives.”

Before arriving at Touro University Nevada in 2012 as Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, Dr. Priest served as Director of the Physical Therapy Program at Clarke University, a small Catholic School in Dubuque, Iowa.

Dr. Priest has served on several higher education accreditation teams that traveled internationally, has several peer-reviewed publications and presentations, and has been a practicing physical therapist for most of his career.

Dr. Priest has been married to his wife Carol for 38 years, and they have five children.

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