Serves as the regional development authority for Southern Nevada. With broad support from leading private, public and educational institutions, LVGEA works to grow the economy in Southern Nevada through connectivity, research, community development and aggressive business recruitment, retention, and expansion. We are the thought leader for economic and community development in Southern Nevada.

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Stronger Together

LVGEA engages in a number of programs, services, and initiatives that position us as the thought leader in economic and community development in Southern Nevada. By providing services to growing businesses and through research, signature events, marketing, and policy advancement, LVGEA is uniquely positioned to support local, state and federal policymakers in pursuit of our common objectives.

Board Committee Structure

Executive Committee (Officers)

Derrick Hill


Betsy Fretwell

Vice Chairman/ Secretary

Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Yolanda King



Executive Committee

Jason Bruckman

Bylaws Committee Chair

Frank Woodbeck

Compensation Committee Chair

Clark Wood

Nominating & Governance Committee Chair

Betsy Fretwell

Public Policy Committee Chair

Kerry Bubolz

Strategic Planning Committee Chair At Large

Bylaws Committee

Jason Bruckman (Chair)

Jayne Backhouse

John Bailey

Michael Bonner

Mike Jewell

Compensation Committee

Frank Woodbeck (Chair)

Brian Wolf

Jason Bruckman

Jeff Hendrickson

Marc Badain

Tim Oudman

Finance Committee

Yolanda King (Chair)

Clark Wood

Jeff Hendrickson

Rick Crawford

Shannon Petersen

Nominating & Governance Committee

Clark Wood (Chair)

Bart Patterson

Brian Formisano

Brian Wolf

Don Giancursio

Michael Cunningham

Robert Lewis

Shannon Petersen

Public Policy Committee

Betsy Fretwell (Chair)

Brian Formisano

Carolyn Barbash

Debra March

Frank Martin

John Bailey

Karlos LaSane

Marta Meana

Shelley Berkley

Tim Oudman

Strategic Planning Committee

Kerry Bubolz (Chair)

Brad Schnpef

Brian Knudsen

Federico Zaragoza

Greg Gilbert

Jeff Hendrickson

John Cannito

Justin Jones

Kevin Orrock

Dr. Kumud Acharya

Richard Derrick

Scott Adams

Steve Zanella

Yolanda King

Hector Fernandez

Rick Benbow