Meet the largest business board of its kind in Nevada.
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Who is the LVGEA 50?

We’re a diverse group of public and private sector leaders that are passionate about creating a brighter future for all Southern Nevadans. Together, we’re advancing an ambitious community and economic development strategy that is designed to strengthen our region, create new jobs and spur capital investment. We serve as the Board of Directors for LVGEA and collectively are the largest board of economic development leaders in Nevada.

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What We Believe

We believe building a New Nevada requires a thoughtful and integrated approach to public policy. Our focus is not simply on stopping bad legislation. Instead, our public policy guiding principles are forward-looking and designed to foster an inclusive conversation that generates practical solutions to move our region and state forward. We work to address the most impactful policy issues facing our economy.

Our Policy Guidelines

Our Plan

Our team is action-oriented, driven by partnerships and focused on strategic activities that produces measurable results. Our Action Plan and Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) have supported the creation of thousands of new jobs and billions of economic impact in Southern Nevada. Thanks to growing support from many partners, we’re accelerating our work to transform Southern Nevada’s economy.

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The LVGEA 50 is the driving force behind the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s community and economic development efforts. From improving Nevada’s operating environment for business to creating high-quality jobs that diversify our economy, the LVGEA 50 is working to strengthen our community for years to come.