Lauri Perdue

Campus & Academic Director, University of Phoenix

Lauri Perdue has spent over 20 years in higher education in the state of Nevada at multiple institutions. She is currently the Campus & Academic Director for University of Phoenix-Las Vegas Campus. Lauri is responsible for the oversite and facilitation of on-campus and online higher education opportunities for approximately 1,800 students in the state, while also partnering with community and industry leaders to address the needs of high education.

Lauri has extensive experience working with a diverse range of students in various post-secondary education administration roles. This includes working with traditional post-secondary college students, adult students, commercial arts, and trade school students. Lauri’s roles in higher education have afforded her the opportunity to manage and train teams on a national level in the areas of market research, program development, curriculum development, state licensure.  Additionally, at the national level, she has served as a consultant on new school openings.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree from University of Nevada-Reno, Lauri began her career in education with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Head Start program, specializing in early childhood education in Buffalo, NY.  After returning to Nevada, she completed her Master of Arts in Organizational Management at University of Phoenix-Las Vegas and served as an adjunct faculty member for 6 years teaching general studies courses.

Lauri stepped away from traditional education, to work with highly successful women and help them transform and gain insight and power to reach past their known potential. Lauri worked with women using science and strategy, to teach them how to achieve well-being and balance in their lives without risking or giving up their careers. She partnered with behavioral experts, philosophers, and well-being professionals to help executive level women thrive. Lauri is a passionate, collaborative leader that understands the power education has, in its various forms.

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